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Our Events

Our events create a platform to disseminate information about a variety of causes plaguing OUR YOUTH. These events offer an opportunity to educate attendees about our mission, raise awareness about the social issues, and inspire people to get involved. By creating a memorable and engaging experiences, we strive to generate interest and motivate individuals to support  our cause in various ways, such as volunteering time or becoming advocates.

2024 Civility Conference

24 Civility Conference.jpg
Let's lead by example and promote civility in our communities. Through dialogue and understanding, we can bridge divides and work together for a brighter future. Let's prioritize kindness and cooperation in all our interactions.

The Lab Drawer

Lab Drawer STEM.jpg
The Lab Drawer creates a sustainable, high-quality, scalable solutions for delivering culturally relevant and quality STEAM experiences to youth.

Youth Basketball League

Our youth basketball league is a platform that aims to instill a love for the game, foster skill development, and promote positive values and social interaction among young participants in a structured and supportive setting.

Afterschool Program

The After School Program is designed to foster holistic development by combining academic support, STEM education, recreational activities, emotional support, and enrichment opportunities. It provides a safe and nurturing environment where students can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally while having fun and building meaningful relationships with peers and mentors.

Our Past Events

Black Gala.jpg
The Black History Gala event will celebrate significant milestones and achievements from people who have serviced youth for 25 years or more in the Chicago land area.
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